• Prepare for your digital future at BOLO.

    October 29th, 2019

    9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

    registration begins at 8:30am

  • What is BOLO?

    B-O-L-O: Be on the lookout.

    BOLO is a place to connect with thought leaders and industry experts about what's next on the horizon of marketing. From rapid shifts in technology to complex regulation changes that impact how you do business online, it's hard to know what's coming next--and even harder to prepare for it.


    You can expect to come to BOLO ready for insightful conversations, keynotes and networking and leave equipped with tangible next steps to position yourself and your brand for 2020 and beyond.

  • Location

    The Churchill is located in downtown Phoenix's creative and historic Roosevelt Row arts district. Far from the usual conference center or hotel ballroom, it's a unique venue made of recycled shipping containers that also features local businesses and eateries.

    The Churchill

    Phoenix, AZ


    901 N 1st St.

    Phoenix, AZ 85004

  • Registration

    Thank you for your interest in BOLO. To ensure we have adequate seating and food for the event, online registration has closed. If you are interested in attending BOLO, please email cgulinson@audaciousstudios.com, indicating who invited you and how many you would like to have attend. We will get back as soon as possible confirming your attendance. Thank you.

  • Meet Some of Our Speakers

    Mike Peditto

    Keynote Speaker | How The Truth Got in the Way of a Good Story: My Experience Working on Theranos

    Philadelphia native, Mike Peditto is 14+ advertising industry veteran, spending the entirety of his career in the LA market at creative powerhouses TBWA\Chiat\Day, 72andSunny, and Anomaly. Through the years, Mike has created award winning work for brands like the NFL, Starbucks, The GRAMMYs, Gatorade, Jimmy Dean, and many others. His most infamous client was former Silicon Valley unicorn startup Theranos, of which his experience was documented in the book Bad Blood, and documentary/podcast The Dropout.

    Jackie Crynes

    Speaker | Boost Your Sales Like A Boss with Pinterest

    Jackie is a proud ASU Sun Devil (forks up!) and naturally curious marketer. She's always down for solving gnarly problems and thrives working with talented, diverse teams. From the Chicagoland area to the Valley of the Sun and a few stops in between, Jackie has worked with and for impressive brands. She oversaw the social and digital presence of Sonic Drive-In, unlocked store segmentation for digital displays across 3,500 retaurant locations, and built a 12-month innovation pipeline and promotional calendar for the inventors of the pizza buffet. Jackie is a connector of dots, always seeking the WHY. She isn't afraid to turn ideas into something real and prides herself in driving compelling strategy and creative with real results.

    Steve Koch

    Speaker | The Business Value of Design Thinking

    As Managing Director, Steve Koch considers himself privileged to co-lead the team at Cast & Hue as they utilize human-centered design in order to help all types of organizations, including healthcare, transform their customer experience. They accomplish this by partnering with clients and their customers, using empathy to better understand customer journeys and co-create better experiences.

    Tyler Farnsworth

    Speaker | Greetings Fellow Kids: How To Market to Gen Z

    Tyler Farnsworth is the Founder and Chief Growth Officer of August United, a leading influencer marketing agency. He leads the charge in planning and executing enterprise-wide campaigns for various national clients including, Ralphs Grocery Company, PetSmart, See's Candies, and The Golf Channel. Tyler is passionate about telling incredible stories, building and leading award-winning teams, and helping brands connect with the people they serve. He's on a crusade to rid the world of boring marketing and has spoken at Digital Marketing conferences across North America on Influencer Marketing.

    Alex Kulpinski

    Speaker | The Next Generation of Internet: What 5G Brings to the Table

    Alex Kulpinski is a senior paid media strategist who blends his creative background and analytical mindset to develop results-driven campaigns. He is a Flagstaff native but has lived across the state having attended the University of Arizona in Tucson. Outside of the digital world, Alex enjoys attending live music events, golfing, bowling and overly critiquing the latest movies.

    Courtney Robertson

    Speaker | Authenticity: So what? How Brands Harness Human Relatability

    As the Senior Influencer Strategist at August United, Courtney Robertson has spent three years building connections between incredible brands and creators and bringing diverse stories to the social world. Prior to her time at AU, Courtney cultivated experience in social media content creation, PR, and the business of entertainment industries through her work at America's Funniest Home Videos, AMC Theatres, and the Cannes Film Festival. When she isn't crafting crafting campaign strategy for her clients such as See's Candies, Kroger, and Persil, you can find Courtney at a theater catching the latest movie release or finding the best new brunch spot.

    Elizabeth Pollard

    Speaker | The ROI of Creativity: How to make a $3M budget work like a $4M budget

    Elizabeth Pollard is a digital strategist by day and an acrylic painter by night who is passionate about teaching others unconventional methods that can lead to creative breakthroughs. As an avid Twitter and Reddit user, Elizabeth enjoys studying and translating social media culture for brands. She originally came to Arizona on a vacation six years ago and intentionally missed her flight home to Wisconsin after falling in love with her now-husband and the desert. Today Elizabeth remains passionate about art -- spending her free time examining the manifestation and application of creativity across disciplines.

    Kai Ciancio

    Speaker | Jargon: How Language Impacts Communication

    Kai Ciancio is just a New Yorker thriving in the Arizona desert. As an alumnus of Arizona State University, her passion for digital marketing, brand strategy, and storytelling has fueled her desire to enhance digital experiences for clients and their consumers. She is an active member of the Phoenix literary arts community and is an aspiring creative nonfiction writer and spoken word artist.

    Saundra Wilson

    Speaker | The Return on Tribalism in America and Why it Matters

    Saundra Wilson is a journalist turned digital marketer, on a mission to help brands tell captivating stories through her study of relevant cultural trends and reporting thereof. Originally born and raised in Sacramento, CA, Saundra moved to sunny Arizona in 2013 and can be found after work training in various dance styles, enjoying life as a newlywed with her husband Adam, and writing about life’s most beautiful moments and challenges.

    Whitney Driscoll

    Speaker | Where Customer and Employee Experience Meet

    Whitney Driscoll is a strategic consultant for Cast & Hue. Her passion for understanding human emotions, brand culture, and experiences drives her insatiable curiosity for learning. Whitney's well-rounded background in marketing includes branded environments, psychology, and brand immersion. Whitney received her Masters of Science in Applied Psychology from the University of California, with a focus on qualitative consumer research and development.

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